Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Calibrate the sniper scope and land opportunities with your target accounts.

Customize Your Teleprospecting Outreach to Align with Your ABM Strategy

With account-based marketing, the objective is to align your marketing and sales efforts around a precise group of target companies instead of the whole market. Teleprospecting provides that individual touch you need to reach all decision-makers, influencers and reviewers. We can help you craft your strategy to include highly-specialized touchpoints for each of your target accounts.

ProspectHunter’s ABM-integrated teleprospecting and B2B appointment setting campaigns deliver an array of benefits to help drive sales activity into the accounts you target:
  • With our database of 30 million contacts, we can help identify all relevant personnel at your key accounts
  • Our Follow14 methodology increases engagement by adding multiple touchpoints across decision-makers
  • Integrate your existing ABM content strategy into ProspectHunter’s sales activity to expand awareness of your company and products

The backbone of an ongoing ABM program is the contact data fueling the campaign. It’s impossible to create a 360° approach without it. You can’t segment your target accounts and you can’t prospect effectively without clean contact data. ProspectHunter can draw from our database of over 30 million contacts to address any gaps in your existing database, designing a contact discovery strategy to close the most important gaps first. We’ll help you identify and acquire the contacts that make up the buying committee within each of your target accounts.

Account-Based Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing


In the early 2000s, marketers would cast wide nets, hoping to attract as many sales leads as possible. The basic philosophy at the time was that, if you attracted enough fish into the net, you’d likely have a few keepers in there.

Recently, a different marketing philosophy has surfaced, one that ditches the net and substitutes a spear – account-based marketing. Now, instead of waiting for fifty fish to swim into your net, hoping the one fish you truly want was in there. With ABM, you’re laser-focused on that one fish from the jump, and you’re committing resources to hauling that prized fish into the boat.

In short, where you were searching amongst your leads – filtering out those target companies that seemed like they would be great clients before, with ABM, you begin with target companies. You identify the best opportunities and then proactively go after them.

Flip the traditional funnel with account-based marketing:

A key component to integrate into your ABM strategy is specialized, pointed teleprospecting delivered with laser-focused on-time messaging.

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