Engage Your Best-Fit Prospects to Create Long-Lasting Relationships and Pipeline Opportunities

Use social outreach to generate relationships with your best prospects

B2B sales prospecting has traditionally involved a lot of heavy lifting. You make 100 dials and send 25 emails each day in the hopes that a prospect agrees to engage. There’s a different way…

With LinkedOUTbound, we use LinkedIn to pursue your ideal prospects. B2B buyers receive more cold calls and marketing emails than ever before. LinkedIn inboxes are a lot less cluttered and thus more likely to incite engagement. In fact, LinkedIn message response rates are 3x higher than regular email, according to LinkedIn Business. In short, it’s an underutilized and wildly effective channel for one-to-one outreach – at a cost-per-lead that rivals any lead generation program.

You wish you had the time to maximize your outreach on social media – meeting new prospects, creating relationships, getting conversations going. But the reality is that busy salespeople often don’t have the bandwidth to drive heavy activity on LinkedIn. With LinkedOUTbound, we manage all of the sales activity you wish you had time for – not automated, but done for you by a real human being – the result of which is:
  • Inbound lead flow that provides scalability, consistency and volume
  • A funnel of engaged leads
  • Greater visibility on LinkedIn
  • Relationships that far outlive the campaign
The LinkedOUTbound process involves a calculated approach to uncover prospects that want to engage with you. The process is one which we’ve refined over the last two years to include:
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: We’ll make you look like the Rockstar you are.
  • Ideal Prospect Profiling: You help us identify your ideal prospects using granular filters and we’ll develop a target market from LinkedIn’s 500+ million users.
  • Message Development: We’ll help you create messaging that incites engagement and pursues a relationship without being an “elevator pitch” – all in your voice.
  • Connection and Outreach: We will send Connection Requests and a cadence of 2-3 messages to your target prospects.
  • Inbox Management: We’ll mine your inbox for positive responses and keep it nice and tidy as we go.

Imagine coming in to work, looking at your inbox, and having prospects who have already began conversing with you. With LinkedOUTbound, you get Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in your inbox, leads that are deeper in the funnel awaiting your response.

We send you all the firmographic information when one of your prospects responds positively – a question about your services, a request to meet or a request for general information. In addition, you’ll receive a link to the message string, so you can pick up the conversation right where it was left off.

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