B2B Lead Generation

Pre-Qualified, Interest-Based Marketing Qualified Leads Delivered in Volume

Fill your pipeline with prospects interested in hearing about your products and services

The program features outbound calls, lead qualification, and nurturing activity to uncover qualified opportunities in your target market. ProspectHunter taps your target market, having live conversations that result in interested prospects that raise their hands and are eager to hear more from your company.

For those organizations looking for phone-screened Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to optimize the time and talent of their sales team, ProspectHunter can create a consistent, scalable flow of leads into your sales funnel – primed for your team to have meaningful conversations and convert into sales appointments.

For each Marketing Qualified Lead generated, our team of Inside Sales Representatives will:
  • Present your solution, deliver brand messaging, and screen for prospect interest
  • Identify and verify that the prospect is a decision-maker for your solution
  • Probe with a series of qualifying questions crafted during our Ready-Aim-Execute set-up process with your company
  • Seamlessly transition the prospect to your sales team upon identifying interest, decision authority, and other qualifying specifics unique to your sales strategy

Our Lead Generation program produces actionable B2B sales leads that are pre-qualified for interest, decision authority, and target market demographics, and have agreed to receive follow-up information from your sales team – including a phone call. Get ready for volume MQLs which are easily converted into appointments and pipelined opportunities, prospects that are funnel-ready and primed to buy.

ProspectHunter’s Lead Generation program includes all the same activity drivers featured in our TeleDemand program:
  • Follow14: Our proprietary 14-touch outreach methodology, delivering the right message at the right time to have more conversations with your prospects.
  • ProspectConnect: One Sales Development Rep plus four Call Processing Agents equipped with four power/predictive dialers enables our rep to consistently make over 125 dials and have between 7-10 live conversations per hour, on average.
  • Buyer-Intent Data: Our data partner aggregates and organizes billions of internet actions across 3,700 topics, allowing us to identify which businesses are actively exploring your products and services.

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