Follow14 is the cornerstone of our demand generation methodology – ProspectHunter’s proprietary outreach cadence comprised of ten (10) phone calls and four (4) highly-optimized email attempts. Sales activity is tightly managed by the Follow14 process – governing outreach timing and messaging


The idea is to fast track prospecting efforts and turn outreach into conversations. Consequently, we believe that the number of conversations is the most important metric in defining inside sales success – and Follow14 drives towards opening that dialogue.


Follow14 enables your team and ours to analyze key metrics and use them to optimize a campaign – metrics like:

  • Number of touches needed to have a conversation
  • Conversation-to-appointment ratio
  • Relative effectiveness of outreach channels – email, phone, social
  • Responsiveness of certain market segments

With Follow14, we use a comprehensive and measured approach to process through your prime prospects to uncover viable opportunities in the form of sales appointments and Marketing Qualified Leads.