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Actionable Sales Opportunities without the Heavy Lifting of Sales Prospecting

Follow14 is ProspectHunter’s proprietary outreach cadence comprised of ten (10) phone calls and four (4) highly-optimized email attempts. Sales activity is tightly managed by the Follow14 process – governing outreach timing and messaging. The idea is to fast track prospecting efforts and turn outreach into conversations. Consequently, we believe that the number of conversations is the most important metric in defining inside sales success – and Follow14 drives towards opening that dialogue.

One Sales Development Rep plus four Call Processing Agents equipped with four power/predictive dialers enables our rep to consistently make over 125 dials and have between 7-10 live conversations per hour, on average. We use SaaS software that makes outbound calls while our call processing agents navigate phone trees, gatekeepers, and receptionists, and instantly hand off live conversation with the target decision-maker to our Sales Development Reps.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which prospects are actually searching for your company’s products, attending industry trade shows, or subscribing to online newsletters related to your solution? Our data partner aggregates and organizes billions of internet actions across 3,700 topics, allowing us to identify which businesses are actively exploring your products and services.

ProspectHunter has infused Teledemand with one of our most powerful tools and fully integrated them. Using LinkedIn, we connect with your best prospects and engage them with messaging, the result of which are warm leads fed into the teleprospecting pipeline, capitalizing on a valuable, often-underutilized outreach channel to create even more appointments with your best-fit prospects. Throughout the process, all positive responses are sent to the Teledemand agent for conversion – where they qualify, gather sales intelligence, and schedule a sales appointment, where applicable.

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