Buyer-Intent Data

Companies are looking for your products and services… We know who they are.

Our partners monitor nearly 4,000 topics related to a variety of solutions – from accounting products to web development and everything in between. From billions of digital interactions like web page visits and content consumption, we know which companies have surging interest in your solution

At any given moment, there are organizations that are actively researching solutions like yours. But do you know who they are? We can help you identify which organizations are coordinating projects around your solutions so that you can coordinate your sales and marketing efforts around those target accounts – with a much higher hit rate than traditional data.

You can use buyer-intent data to supercharge your campaigns and enrich your contact profiles with cues on which organizations need your solutions.

How does it work? Through our data partnerships, which analyze the digital behavior of millions of B2B companies and inform when one of your prospect organizations exhibit demand for your products and services.

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