Database Cleanup

Make sure you’re spending your marketing dollars engaging only live, active prospects.

With a database cleanup campaign, ProspectHunter can help ensure that you are marketing to real prospects, so you’re not spending valuable resources chasing prospects that just aren’t there to receive your message or have different contact information.
On average, 25% of a B2B contact database ages out every year. Employees change jobs, get promoted to new positions, change phone numbers and email addresses. Companies move to new locations, change corporate phone numbers and extensions, and place new decision-makers in charge of projects. Through a process that includes email validation, phone verification and cross-reference with social data, ProspectHunter will:
  • Verify existing firmographic information
  • Replace inaccurate data with new information including titles, correct spelling, phone numbers, and email addresses.
We can direct the new information into your CRM or database seamlessly. Ultimately, we make sure your prospect database is hygienic and ready for you to execute marketing campaigns – mail, call, or email – with real, live prospects.

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