Tradeshow Support

Maximize your sizable investment in trade shows and turn attendees into clients.

Tradeshows are great for getting out and meeting vendors, prospects and clients. The ROI on tradeshows can be somewhat elusive though. That’s where ProspectHunter can help maximize your investment on tradeshows.
  • To convert tradeshow contacts into pipelined opportunities, you have to be responsive and jump on them quickly, so you don’t lose the opportunities you’ve invested in. Our tradeshow support program can be executed with the following elements:
  • Pre-conference marketing to include qualifying and scheduling meetings with prospects that will be attending the tradeshow
  • Motivating qualified prospects to visit your booth and engage with your field sales team
  • Post-event marketing and follow-up activity to distribute information, qualify and convert trade show attendees into pipelined opportunities
ProspectHunter can help you crank up the ROI, find potential customers among the sea of attendees, and convert them into funnel opportunities.

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