Event Audience Recruitment Services (EARs)

Drive qualified prospects to webinars, events, trade shows and lunch-and-learns.

Lots of time and money goes into planning and executing a trade show event, webinar, road show or event. There’s nothing worse than planning impeccably only to be speaking to an empty room.

As conversation specialists equipped with great methods and technology, we have the unique ability to drive sales-ready prospects to your events. Not only that, but we can help manage all prospect-facing activity:

We can work with your existing prospect lists or we can generate a prospect list from our database of over 30 million contacts

We drive sales-ready prospects to your events using a mix of email, social touches, and phone calls – all driven by our Follow14 methodology, LinkedOUTbound services, and ProspectConnect program.

A common metric for event attendance is that you should expect that 50% of your registrants will actually attend. With our multi-touch confirmation process, we regularly drive past the 50% attendance mark.

Our group of inside sales reps are available to help you manage post-event follow-up activity – qualifying and converting top-of-the-funnel event attendees into pipelined opportunities.

We can help you acquire an audience that is interested in your products and services with a program that’s fully-customizable based on location(s), event size, format, and target audience.

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