Sales Outsourcing

You’ve developed an incredible product and we can help you find customers and close business.

ProspectHunter can manage your sales process from the top-of-the-funnel to close – taking prospects all the way through the buyer journey. Drawing on our experience as sales lead experts, we can draw your best prospects into the funnel. Where our other programs normally stop there, with sales outsourcing we turn those prospects into clients.
Your ability to focus on your core competencies determines your success. By outsourcing all or part of the sales function, you can dedicate your energy to the things you do best – whether it’s operations, product development or client management.
  • While each engagement is as unique as you are, a typical ProspectHunter B2B sales outsourcing campaign includes:
  • Identifying and uncovering opportunities
  • Measuring opportunities as they make their way through the sales process
  • Presenting your solution and properly setting expectations
  • Negotiating terms and gaining sign-off
  • Nurturing existing client relationships into upsell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Providing advanced sales analytics and pipeline tracking metrics
Essentially, we become a seamless extension of your company with savvy sales representatives committed to growing your book of business. You no longer have the burden of recruiting, training, hiring, managing, and monitoring a complex sales team. The pain and cost of managing in-house sales personnel and employee turnover-related challenges vanish.

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