Sales Intelligence

Uncover actionable market intelligence with marketing-neutral calls into your target market.

ProspectHunter has a team of market research specialists that can make marketing-neutral calls into your target market to uncover actionable market intelligence.
You may require intelligence on your sales prospects outside of the standard firmographics like title, company and location.  Whether it’s raw data from our database, your inbound leads from marketing efforts or tradeshows, or your existing database, we can gather information vital to your sales process, so your sales team can prioritize their time with the best opportunities and close business. We will conduct outreach into your dataset and gather intelligence from a series of qualification-oriented questions specific to your marketing strategy.
  • Organizations we’ve worked with have sought sales intelligence that includes:
  • Lead scoring for BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe)
  • Lead scoring for PACT criteria (Pain, Authority, Consequence, Target Profile)
  • Which technology solutions are currently installed within the target companies
  • When is the contract renewal date for current installed technology or other solution
  • The timeframe in which the prospect might be reviewing other solutions
  • Is the prospect considering upgrading, switching, or investing in a better solution?
  • Size of user base (seats, licenses, etc.)
Nearly any identifiable sales intelligence can be uncovered with our program. Our market research specialists are engaging influencers and decision-makers, and delivering a snapshot of your prospects with valuable sales intelligence.

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