Positioning the chess pieces to win the game.

All the logistics in place to act as a true extension of your sales team. More importantly, understand why your best customers choose you as their provider and put that value proposition to work.


Create an Ideal Prospect Profile identifying an effective prospect universe for the campaign.

During Ready Mode, we become students of your organization, collecting all collateral and study materials you may have – case studies, whitepapers, solution sheets. In addition, we begin the logistics related to email addresses, CRM credentials, and start to organize digital assets for campaign launch.


Cement all the pieces needed to become an extension of your sales and marketing operation.

Now we begin to take a more granular view of your company and solution – differentiators, unique value proposition, positioning in relation to competitors. We often ask our clients to take us through a sales presentation, giving our Account Manager and Business Development Agent the unique opportunity to see firsthand how you position your solution. From that exercise, our team will begin building out a messaging framework. 


We’re ready for launch! Let the sales opportunities start flowing.

Messaging has been perfected. Email templates have been deployed and are ready for use. The target market has been profiled and assembled into an active database of ideal prospects. All reporting protocols have been developed to track success. The last order of business is getting sign-off from your team and setting the wheels in motion to provide you with qualified sales opportunities.

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