November 16, 2018

Phone calls can be the bane of a salesperson’s existence, but with these five one-sentence tips from HubSpot, you can get some quick takeaways that will help you excel in your phone call game.

  1. For every two benefits you give the prospect, ask a question confirming you’re on the right track.
  2. Don’t try and use your work with your prospects’ competitors as a pitch; after all, they want to be better than the other companies in their space, not exactly the same.
  3. Swap out the word “but” for “and” to sound like you’re agreeing with your prospect and take them off the defensive when you’re actually offering a counter idea.
  4. Silence gives prospects a chance to process information and makes interactions feel more like conversations than sales pitch, so don’t rush to fill it.
  5. Picture yourself sitting on the same side of table as your prospect, which’ll help you maintain a friendly and helpful attitude.

What are your top phone tips?

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