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Posted by admin on December 21st, 2018

Those of us who have been in Marketing a long time know the rules. And we dare not break them. Especially when it comes to Email Marketing, which is so fickle and high-stakes (curse you, unsubscribe!). But Marketo says it’s time to rethink things. Their research shows there are times to push the envelope and try new strategies with our audience to see how they work.


Obviously, they’re not advocating that we break any laws, but rather rethink the old staunch precedent of the past. Here are our top six favorite rules that need to be broken. Check out their cheat sheet for the rest of their 16 rules.


1. NEVER use words like “free” or “deal” or “discount” in an email subject line.


2. ALWAYS keep your email subject lines between 30 and 50 characters.


3. NEVER send a mostly-text email.


4. NEVER use animated gifs in the body of an email.


5. ALWAYS send an email during the middle of the week.


6. NEVER send an email at the end of the day.


Have you tried these rebellious ideas? What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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