January 18, 2019

It’s 2019. Can you believe it? We were supposed to have flying cars, self-cleaning houses and a no-effort solution for a perfect body by now. We may not be that far into technology development yet, but Marketing has come a long way. So what is next in the industry for 2019? Let’s start with a look at Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Marketo just recently put out an infographic on marketing predictions for 2019 and had great insight into Account-Based Marketing.

“Smartly planned, aligned and executed Account-Based Marketing strategies across sales, marketing and commercial departments will increasingly become a critical part of successful marketing outcomes. This will help with reporting on sales leads and how they can be directly attributed to marketing efforts.”

Marketo’s VP of Product Marketing, Casey Carey, further elaborates, “In 2018, many of us found ourselves in the ‘ABM trough of disillusionment.’ It’s really hard to pivot the business and simultaneously cobble together a complete tech solution. One of my goals for 2019 is to remove much of the friction and complexity associated with ABM strategies and provide solutions.

B2B marketers will begin to look at adding customer data platforms to their stacks in lieu of ‘data lakes,’ as available solutions add B2B specific capabilities including account hierarchies, CRM integrations, and native persona support.”

How are your Marketing strategies changing for the new year?

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